Integritet balkanskog intelektualca


Maločas sam od kolegice iz Bugarske dobio jedno pismo koje mi se čini vrlo poučnim. Pismo ukazuje na opravdanost skepticizma, inače karakterističnog za anglo-američki svijet, prema onima koji se na kontintentu nazivaju “intelektualci”, osobama u čiju se pamet i moralni integritet javnost uzdaje. (Pismo kolegice koju neću imenovati stilistički je neznatno popravljeno, uz njezino dopuštenje.)

In the middle of December 2010 it became clear that Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, who is one of the founders of the Open Society Foundation in Bulgaria and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New Bulgarian University from its establishment in 1991 to date, had served as a secret agent operating under the code-name “Nikolov” in the 6th Compartment of the 6th Department  – the political police – of the Bulgarian State Security.

Here is the announcement of the present committee, working in the archives of the totalitarian State Security:

Many people refused to believe this allegation, but in the middle of January it was confirmed by new data. This data proves that the most popular Bulgarian classical philologist, the most influential public intellectual in Bulgaria of the transition period, the person who had translated so many of the dialogues of Plato, but also the person who had distributed millions of dollars from the budget of the Open Society (for eight years) and the New Bulgarian University (for twenty years)  – had written for the State Security 183 “reports” of more than 300 pages between 1978 and 1988, denouncing his colleagues in the Department of Classics and the Faculty of Classical and New Philology. 

Bogdanov himself confessed to this on his personal forum on the web of the New Bulgarian University:


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